This Isn’t Just A Boy And His Dog — Their Story Will Leave You In Tears

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If you’re a pet owner, we know that in an emergency, it’s roughly unfit to suppose withdrawal but holding your bushy (or scaly) crony with you. But some emergencies are some-more extreme than others, that is because this boy’s story is so impressive.

While he was journey from war-torn Syria, this 17-year-old never dreamed of withdrawal his dog behind. His messenger fled with him as he escaped, walking some-more than 300 miles. She’s been on a highway with him ever since. His reasoning? “I adore my dog.”

Aslan isn’t a usually chairman journey Syria with hopes of anticipating a improved life. Many others only like him are movement thousands of miles, bringing their pets with, as well. It’s critical that these people know that they are not alone and a efforts to assistance them will not finish until everybody is safe. We wish any and each one of them a best of fitness and a rapid trail to a new, fast home.