This Little Girl Can’t Figure Out How To Pizza

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New things are always challenging, and that relates to food, too. You competence have memories of encountering a new cuisine or plate that we overtly had no thought how to approach. But when you’re little, that plate can be only about anything, given your singular knowledge on a planet.

That’s because a small lady in this video (an tangible video done on a fasten — remember those?) is carrying difficulty autocratic her meal, that to anyone else would seem like a elementary dish. Her difficulty is so, so adorable.

“What is this sorcery?”

YouTube / AFV Kids

“How? Just how?”

YouTube / AFV Kids


YouTube / AFV Kids

The onslaught is real. Watch it below:


YouTube / AFV Kids

Since this film was shot in 1989, we’re anticipating that by now, this lady has finally figured out how to pizza. But something tells us that she competence have a entrenched welfare for thin, crispy crusts.