This Little Girl REALLY Wants Up On The Sofa. Could You Say No To This Face?

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Having a small dog really comes with some perks: they’re some-more portable, they make smaller messes, and they flattering most demeanour like a puppy their whole lives.

But as this waggish Frenchie can tell you, there are some critical disadvantages for those vital a life of a petite pup. Her name is Alice, and when she tries to join her humans on a sofa, she only can’t quiiiiite make it. Her greeting is priceless.

“Up! Up! Let me UP!”

Up! Up! Let me UP!


It’s even funnier when we hear her excitable bark:

Hopefully they took empathize on her after they put a camera divided and gave a cutie a boost up. She apparently deserves some cuddles after that romantic ordeal.