This Little Girl’s Plea For Her Divorced Parents To Be Friends Brings Mom To Tears

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Usually when relatives lay down with their kids for a tough divorce talk, it’s a adults who do a explaining. But in this intense video, a tables are turned.

Six-year-old Tiana has a heart-to-heart with her mom about how she only wants her relatives to be friends, even yet they’re divorced. “My heart is something, everybody’s heart is something, too,” she explains to her mom who’s on a verge of tears. “And if we live in a universe where everybody is being mean, afterwards everybody is going to be a beast in a future.”

Clearly this small lady is correct over her years.


I have a feeling this lady is going to turn a good motivational orator one day.

When we was her age, my sentences were singular to “I wish that one” or “I need to poop,” and we churned those adult copiousness of times.