This Looks Like Any Other Visit To The Dentist, But He Just Did Something Awesome

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Going to a dentist’s bureau can be a genuine drag. Not too many people suffer it, and it even scares some people half to death. It’s tough to make a dentist’s bureau seem fun, since honestly, it’s a worst.

But this man is perplexing to strew light on a opposite side of dentistry. While we might hatred sitting in that examination chair, there’s copiousness of fun to be had during your yearly cleaning! Well, if you’re this guy, that is. Watch what he does with all of those dental collection we hatred so much.

That unequivocally jazzed adult a dentist’s office, didn’t it? Hopefully this video will make trips to a dentist seem a small reduction daunting. Now all he needs to do is make a video like this for a DMV.