This Loyal Pup Pushing His Human In A Toy Car Will Put A Huge Smile On Your Face

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The pooches lerned during Protection Dogs Plus are learned during gripping their families protected from bad guys, though that doesn’t meant they can’t have some darling fun when there’s no butts wanting to be kicked.

Despite what some competence think, these extreme fighters can also be peaceful giants when they bond with their tellurian friends, like with this honeyed span of besties. Pup Eteo pushes small Aden around a Newburyport, MA, boardwalk to see all a sights from a comfort of his fondle car.

“Beep beep, entrance through!”

Beep beep, entrance through!


(source Protection Dogs Plus, LLC)

Despite a pleasing perspective around them, these cuties are really hidden a uncover with their honeyed bond. And there’s no possibility any brag will ever get in this kiddo’s approach with this BFF around.

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