This Man Does Something So Selfless For Stray Cats Every Day, And You Can Help Him

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We all contend we wish to make a universe a improved place, and infrequently we do.

There are some people, however, who dedicate their whole lives to that task. Willie Ortiz, who is 76 years old, has fed wandering cats for a final 24 years, and his loyalty to a charge of gripping these animals alive has prolonged left unnoticed. Now, people are noticing his outrageous heart and a approach he gives behind to a community, so they’re perplexing to assistance him strech his goals.

Willie is creatively from Puerto Rico, though he’s lived in Hartford, Connecticut, for a prolonged time. For only as long, he’s been caring for wandering cats around a city.

GoFundMe / Spay, Neuter feed untamed cats

He began holding a cats to a oldster to get them spayed and neutered, that helps control a population.

GoFundMe / Spay, Neuter feed untamed cats

He also feeds them by shopping all a food himself and he also tries to find a home for any cat in need.

GoFundMe / Spay, Neuter feed untamed cats