This Mastiff Turns Into A Big Baby When You Put Him In A Swimming Pool

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As intimidating as large dogs competence like to consider they are, a law is that many of them are unequivocally usually large babies during heart.

This waggish English mastiff named Sampson proves that when he takes a dash in a pool. He seems flattering calm to feel a cooling water, though usually while he stays safely in a arms of his human. He clings to a male like his life depends on it, and it’s so hilariously changed we won’t be means to stop smiling during a peaceful giant.

“Oh, that looks deep…”

Oh, that looks deep...


“This is good. Here is good.”

This is good. Here is good.


“I don’t like this. we DON’T LIKE THIS.”

I don't like this. we DON'T LIKE THIS.


Watch a whole darling shave here:

(source stephen kemp)

Hey, we all have a possess undiscerning fears. No matter how absurd they competence seem to others, there’s usually no removing around them. Good thing this cutie has such bargain humans!

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