This Mother Was Horrified When She Saw Her Son’s Head After A Day At Daycare

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When Camella Jackson picked adult her roughly one-year-old son, Hunter, from daycare a few months ago, she immediately saw that there was something severely wrong with his head.

Her bad baby had a hulk tangle on his head, that was after dynamic during a sanatorium to be a skull fracture. Although he clearly postulated a damage during his stay during Sunshine House in Villa Rica, Georgia, nobody who worked there could tell Jackson what had happened to her son.

Jackson says that she didn’t even learn of Hunter’s damage until a impulse she picked him adult and saw it for herself.

Facebook / Where is baby Kate?

“They didn’t call me. They didn’t even have an collision news filled out,” she said. “I was in tears on a approach to a sanatorium and when a doctors told me that his skull was fractured we had pennyless down. we was very, really upset.”

Facebook / Where is baby Kate?

According to 11Alive, this hadn’t been a usually questionable occurrence during a daycare. Since 2013, it’s been cited during slightest 17 times including “no finger imitation record checks” of the employees and carrying ”fencing dangerous to children.”

Facebook / Where is baby Kate?

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