This New Wheelchair Technology Is Going To Be A Game Changer For The Disabled

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Being wheelchair-bound is a outrageous weight for people who have earthy stipulations and disabilities. The unhappy law is that not many places accommodate people in wheelchairs, and being firm to a chair keeps people from vital their lives to a fullest. Traditional wheelchairs are cumbersome, and they can put a outrageous aria on people who have to use them each day.

But this new invention — called a Ogo Wheelchair — combines a record and a easy-to-use inlet of Segways with normal wheelchair design. It provides users with hands-free operation and dual all-terrain wheels, that will concede them to knowledge all that life has to offer.


Finally, someone has come adult with an invention that will give infirm people a clarity of leisure and autonomy that they deserve. For those of us who are advantageous adequate to be entirely mobile, it’s easy to omit a fact that normal wheelchairs are doing a vital harm to their users. Technological developments like this are prolonged overdue, and we’re so blissful that someone took a beginning to do something good for a world.