This Pampered Nugget May Not Be A Dog Or A Cat, But Don’t Tell Him That!

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If we listened this married integrate articulate about their dear pet, you’d substantially assume a critter was bushy and cuddly like a cat or a dog.

While Scott and Ice’s small man positively is really cuddly, he doesn’t have any fur, and he really isn’t warm-blooded. That’s given he’s indeed a hulk lizard — a 20-pound Argentine red tegu, to be exact. Back in 2012, a integrate welcomed him into their family as a little baby, and he’s remained their baby ever since.

World, accommodate MacGyver, a free-roaming lizard who’s clearly a apple of his mom’s eye and an comprehensive star on amicable media. These reptiles can be found in western Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay. Their diets embody fruits, vegetables, insects, rodents, birds, and fish.

MacGyver is flattering prejudiced to tasty fruit, and when he’s not literally being ladle fed…

…surfing a internet with Ice…