This Parenting Trend Isn’t Just Gross. It Could Put Babies’ Health At Risk.

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Many mothers out there surveillance a extraordinary health advantages of eating their placentas after giving birth, though they substantially aren’t wakeful that it can also make their babies sick.

According to a CDC, an tot tested postive for a organisation B streptococcus infection final Sep not prolonged after he was born. The micro-organism can make anyone ill, though it affects newborns many some-more severely, potentially causing sepsis, pneumonia, and infrequently even meningitis.

While babies are many mostly putrescent by their mothers flitting it on during labor and birth, experts don’t trust that’s what happened in this case…

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…because after a baby child was entirely treated and released, he came behind to a sanatorium 5 days after with a same infection. Doctors suspicion it competence be a mother’s breast milk, though it tested negative. That’s when they satisfied she’d been holding placenta pills each day.

One process of eating placenta is to evaporate it, afterwards grub it adult and flow a powder into capsules. When a mother’s dusty placenta was sent to a CDC, it not usually came behind certain for a bacterium, though it was roughly matching to a samples taken from a ill baby.