This Poor Dog Was Living Under A Car For 7 Months…Until This Amazing Rescue

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For 7 months, this dog was too frightened and ill to let anyone do some-more than leave some food out for him. He hid underneath porches and cars, all a while pang from mange, high fever, a serious flea infestation, and ticks.

He certainly wouldn’t have lasted most longer if it weren’t for Hope For Paws entrance to a rescue…

His transformation, inside and out, is incredible!

If you’re meddlesome in adopting this honeyed fur baby, we can hit Smooch Pooch Rescue, who is fostering him until he finds his perpetually home. Aaron deserves a best home after such a severe start to life.

You can also present to Hope For Paws if you’d like to assistance make some-more happy endings like this one possible.