This Precious Dog Saw Creepy Crawlies In Need And Decided To Become Their Rescuer

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Dogs have proven themselves to be extraordinary protectors of people and other animals, though this impossibly honeyed puppy has extended her care to earthworms as well!

Holliday a dog has done it her personal goal to rescue all a worms she finds on a pavement. Whenever her mom takes her out for a travel and she happens to see one, she’ll kindly collect it adult with her mouth and pierce it behind to a nearest patch of grass. “She was never taught this behavior, nonetheless when she was a puppy, my mom would take a earthworms from a highway and chuck them in a grass, her owners explained. “The usually approach we can consider that Holliday schooled this function is from examination my mom when we come home for a weekends.”

Watch a darling worm savior in movement as she saves all a wriggly small lives she presumably can.


Holliday is such a good girl. If those worms could talk, I’m certain they’d be observant “thank you!”