This Pup Was Terrified Of People, But Rescuers Took Away His Fears

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Before he was saved, Seymour a dog lived his life in consistent fear and loneliness.

The Los Angeles streets were his usually home, and he ran in apprehension from anyone who attempted to proceed him. Even yet he was surviving, it was apparent to passersby that he wasn’t doing well.

When someone finally called Hope For Paws and told volunteers that a small dog indispensable their help, they rushed out to find him with singer Jaime Ray Newman in tow. When they got tighten adequate to locate a sleeping puppy in a schoolyard, a warn frightened him so most that he began fighting for his life. But when he satisfied that they were perplexing to rescue him, he finally schooled to trust a kind people who were about to change his life forever.

His greeting to Newman is so sweet.


It’s so good that this cutie doesn’t have to be fearful anymore and can suffer life. If we wish to assistance Hope For Paws save some-more lives, we can present here.