This Rescued Baby Raccoon Is The Cutest Fridge Raider Around

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When Carol Stewart beheld equipment from her fridge going missing, it didn’t take prolonged for her to locate a law-breaker red-handed.

Or rather…red-pawed. The rapist cutie was nothing other than her detected baby raccoon, Lily. Walking into a kitchen, she detected Lily crouched over a open grape drawer, clearly consumed by her longing for a honeyed treat. Even when Stewart pulled Lily away, she couldn’t assistance herself from perplexing to dive right behind in for more. Stewart motionless to concede by handing Lily a full branch for her to food down on.

Victory never tasted so good (or looked so cute)!

Victory never tasted so good (or looked so cute)!


Watch a darling grape-napper in movement below:

(source tune stewart)

She competence wish to cruise adding a close to that fridge from now on. Or design to come home to this stage on a unchanging basis. Either way, it’s unfit to stay insane during an darling face like that.