This Security Guard Did The Coolest, Funniest Thing When His Favorite Song Came On

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After a exhausting few periods, Russia’s HC Amur fans were unfortunate for only about anything to keep them going.

Thanks to one groovy confidence guard, a crowd’s prayers were answered. Seemingly out of nowhere, a once unrelenting ensure fast unbuttoned his fit coupler and began busting out some torpedo dance moves that would make a King of Pop jealous. Spectators couldn’t get adequate as they clapped along to a beat. At one point, dual cheerleaders even assimilated in!

Let’s all only be grateful that someone filmed this!

(via Daily Mail)

Unfortunately, a guard’s slight wasn’t adequate to assistance HC Amur obstacle a win, though during slightest he won over a hearts of millions. And if we consider this man’s moves are contagious, be certain to share this with everybody we know.