This Squirrel Picked A Fight With A Snake…And WON

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If there’s one thing life has taught me, it’s to never blink what tiny critters can do.

I used to work during a pet store, and whenever we reached into a hamster cages, I’d covertly wish that they’d gangling me a pain of holding a cube out of my hand. Even squirrels are not to be messed with — one of my co-workers there told me that while she was perplexing to assistance an harmed one, it bit her down to a bone.

This African squirrel is no different, since when it got generally hungry, it chose a circuitously lizard for a subsequent meal. It looked like a squirrel had a genocide wish during first, though it valid that it was some-more than adult for a challenge.

While a squirrel’s diet consists mostly of plants, nuts, and seeds, some will eat beef if they turn inspired enough.

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I’ll never demeanour during these critters a same approach again. Sure, they’re adorable, though they’re also vicious, snake-eating machines.