This Started As A Cute Animal Encounter And Ended In Pure Ridiculousness

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Listen. When it comes to not meaningful how to act, I’m a reigning champ.

Even as a 25-year-old human, we unequivocally only don’t do good in a lot of situations that should be flattering damn easy to figure out. You know that chairman who says, “Thanks, we too!” when a waiter tells we to suffer your meal? That’s me. Something that we surpass at, however, is chillin’ with lovable animals. They don’t ask questions.

Unless we lift rubbish like this.

This kid’s family suspicion they were environment themselves adult for darling viral realness when they introduced him to a bird. Sadly, he’s going viral for all a wrong reasons. Little dude does not know how to act.

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I mean…maybe he’s improved with people?