This Starving Little Boy Was Accused Of Witchcraft, So He Was Cruelly Abandoned

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Danish assist workman Anja Ringgren Lovén has seen some terrible things, though when she came opposite one tiny child in Nigeria, she was over shocked.

While operative for an assist classification to move food to southern Nigeria, she came opposite an svelte tiny child roaming a streets. The two-year-old waif was naked, riddled with worms and tighten to genocide due to starvation and thirst.

In a heart-breaking video of a encounter, a irrational tiny child was too diseased to mount after Anja gave him a sip of water. As he kept descending over, she asked because no one was feeding a child. The locals responded, “no mother, no father.”

That’s when Anja pieced together a toddler’s nightmarish situation. Like thousands of other Nigerian children, he had been deserted by his family after being indicted of witchcraft.


Anja took in a tiny child and named him Hope.

We’re really happy to news that given his rescue from a streets in Jan of this year, Hope is now a healthy and happy boy. Being deserted by your possess family contingency be a loneliest feeling a child can experience, though he’s found a new amatory family now during an institution recently non-stop by Anja.

Hope is all smiles these days.

Hope is all smiles these days.

There are terribly vicious things in this world, though a kind act like this can revive your faith in humanity.

Seeing an abandoned, starving child like this child be welcomed into a happy village is adequate to give anyone wish (pun intended).