This Sweet, Beloved Cat Suffered An Awful Death Because Of A Twisted Individual

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Back in April, a passerby was frightened when she came opposite Strushie, a obvious and desired proprietor cat during a Franklin Hotel in Miami, Florida.

The lady had been feeding him on a daily basis, and on that awful day, she found him with an arrow in his conduct and neck. The bad thing’s injuries were so critical that when taken to a internal vet, he had to be euthanized. The male obliged incited out to be 36-year-old Georgios Lollias, a clerk during a hotel. After retrieving hotel notice footage that Lollias had deleted, military arrested and charged him with animal cruelty and tampering with evidence on Jul 5.

In a footage, Lollias could be seen banishment a crossbow into a underbrush where Strushie was hiding. He strike a cat twice and after certified to doing so. Learn some-more by examination a video below, though be warned that it contains unfortunate and striking images.

(via Daily Mail)

How anyone could be this vicious and aroused to an animal who was so desired by everybody around him positively breaks my heart. Share if we consider Lollias and anyone else concerned should be punished to a full border of a law.