‘This time it’s war’: French media reacts with fear to Paris attacks, calls for unity

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Paris: “This time it’s war,” announced a Le Parisien daily, as France’s media reacted with fear though integrity after Friday’s call of attacks that left during slightest 120 dead.

Centre-right daily Le Figaro took adult a identical theme, striking with a title “War in executive Paris” amid scenes of destruction during several locations in a French capital.

Police during a football stadium. APPolice during a football stadium. AP

Police during a football stadium. AP

Many papers called for togetherness in a nation that is still disorder from jihadist attacks in Jan that claimed 17 lives.

“In a name of a loyal martyrs of yesterday, a trusting victims and in a name of a Republic, France will be means to stay joined and mount together,” pronounced Le Parisien.

The “terrorist barbarism” has crossed a “historic line,” pronounced a conduct of a left-leaning Liberation daily, job for France to stay resolute.

“It is unfit not to couple these bloody events with a battles distracted in a Middle East. France is personification a partial there. It contingency continue to do so but blinking,” wrote Laurent Joffrin in an editorial.

Sports daily L’Equipe splashed a one word “L’Horreur” (“Horror”) opposite a black front page.

Papers immediately done a couple between a attacks on a Charlie Hebdo satirical repository that claimed 17 lives in January, spawning an escape of oneness around a Twitter hashtag #jesuischarlie (I am Charlie).

“We were Charlie. We are Paris!” wrote a Republique des Pyrenees informal daily.