This Tiny Dachshund Refuses To Nap Until He Gets His Gigantic Bear In With Him

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We all have a pre-sleep rituals. Personally, we like to glance during my phone until a splendid shade browns my eyes so most that I’m forced to tighten them. This stupid puppy has a most some-more darling routine, though.

The dachshund refuses to squeeze some zzz’s but his best friend. There’s only one slight issue: a pressed teddy bear is a bit too large for a small guy’s kennel. Not that it stops a cutie from trying. He’s hilariously determined and refuses to give adult on a cuddle buddy.


“No male left behind!”

No male left behind!

YouTube / DailyPicksandFlicks

Aw, see? Perseverance totally pays off. Now it’s time for a lil’ dude to suffer some bear-y honeyed dreams.