This Tiny Dog Just Picked Out The Biggest Toy And Can Carry It By Her Damn Self

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As her relatives will tell you, Lucy a dog is a large fan of shopping.

She loves it so much, in fact, that she goes on unchanging trips to a store so she can get her really possess toys. But she isn’t a kind of dog to collect out only any aged fondle — she’s all about that quality. And if we consider we can rush her, you’ll fast learn that she will spot and hunt until she is prepared to check out, appreciate we really much.

On one new trip, she was vivacious to find her soulmate in a outrageous Lamb Chop plushy. She could hardly enclose her fad as Dad was profitable for her new best friend, and nonetheless it was twice her size, she done it transparent that she didn’t need any assistance carrying it out.

“Back up, we GOT DIS.”


You gotta palm it to a pooch — she really knows what she wants and is dynamic to have things her way. Share with your friends who have dogs as marred as this cutie.