This Veteran With One Leg Finished The Boston Marathon With A Moving Tribute

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I have dual ideally good legs, though we doubt that we could do what this maestro did. Not usually did he finish a 26-mile Boston Marathon and lift a curtain opposite a finish line (on a prosthetic leg, no less) though he did it all for a pleasing reason.

Veteran Earl Grannville mislaid a reduce half of his left leg when his car was strike by a roadside explosve in Afghanistan, though he has not let a damage delayed him down. In fact, he wasn’t only dynamic to stay active — he wanted to run marathons! After competing in Chicago, Detroit, and New York, a Pennsylvania local headed to Boston. There, he was formulation a reverence that would comfortable a hearts of millions.

To respect all those who mislaid their lives in a 2013 Boston Marathon bombings and while portion a nation in a armed services, Granville picked adult his crony and carried her opposite a finish line.


That’s what we call Boston Strong! What an implausible arrangement of a tellurian spirit.

Facebook / Amy Suchanoff Huey

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