This video of Christopher Lee sharpened for The Hobbit will comfortable your heart

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Revered actor Christopher Lee had a brief cameo in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey as Saruman, his impression from The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. And even though The Hobbit is a prequel to a LOTR trilogy, a film was shot years after, that was done when Lee good into his 90s when he shot for a film.


Christopher Lee in review with Peter Jackson. Screengrab from a video.

There’s a behind-the-scenes video from The Hobbit shows Lee’s humourous and common side, as he shoots pivotal scenes for a film in London’s Pinewood Studios. Because of his age, Lee couldn’t transport to New Zealand where a rest of a expel was sharpened a film, and he had to fire his scenes in London.

In a video, Lee is seen walking in with a stick, and fumbling with a vast white robes that his impression Saruman wears.

“These garments as a menace,” he says, as executive Peter Jackson recalls him observant a same difference for a robes while sharpened for a LOTR trilogy.

He also complains about his fuzzy eyebrows, when someone complains about how he tends to act with his eyebrows as well, even when a stage doesn’t direct it. Later in an talk in a video, he explains, “A lot of people do it.”

Peter Jackson explains in a video how when he and Lee get together, it’s their partner director’s nightmare. It’s her pursuit to make certain all happens on time, while Jackson explains how Lee loves to tell stories.

“Boy that guy’s had a life,” says actor Graham McTavish, who plays a impression of Dwalin in a film.