This Video Of Elephants Running To See A Rescued Calf Is The Cutest Thing Ever

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To answer Beyoncé’s barbarous doubt “who run a world,” for a elephant dominion during least, a answer is always girls.

Elephants are one of a few class in a animal dominion that are matriarchal, and given females are in charge, it’s utterly conspicuous how opposite elephants are from humans. Among them, there’s a transparent clarity of compassion, love, and empathy. Maybe a fact that ladies run a uncover has something to do that. For a changed example, check out with this flock of elephants did when it was time to acquire a small new member to a family.

This small man was in need of a new home and volunteers knew he was clever adequate to join his kind.

YouTube / elephantnews

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Dok Gaew was hardly dual years aged when he was left alone in a furious and discovered by staffers during a Elephant Nature Park. After some rehab, it was time for him to join a new herd.

YouTube / elephantnews

Watch what happened when it came time to accommodate a fam!