Thought for Food Challenge

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Join a 2018 TFF Challenge to form teams and rise breakthrough solutions that residence a tellurian plea of feeding 9+ billion people by a year 2050.

By participating in a TFF Challenge, we are fasten a transformation of immature innovators from 130 opposite countries who are reshaping a tellurian food system. We trust that openness, collaboration, and an entrepreneurial mindset are pivotal to feeding a flourishing world.

Enter into a TFF Challenge and we will take partial in proven training programs and will work with world-class mentorswho will assistance spin your thought into a reality.

TFF Challenge participants have the chance to accept adult to $25,000 in money prizes, and we might be comparison to attend in a TFF Startup Bootcamp, an intense, 12-week startup training module that culminates during a TFF Global Summit.

Join a 2018 TFF Challenge and turn partial of a flourishing tellurian movement, comprised of friends and supporters who share your passion to make a universe a improved place.


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