Three things AIFF needs to set right immediately in run adult to U-16 AFC and U-17 World Cup

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The All India Football Federation (AIFF) is using out of time to streamline their preference routine for a teams that will paint India in a 2016 U-16 AFC Chanpionship and a 2017 U-17 FIFA World Cup.

There are many certain changes that have taken place in a final few years — like a environment adult of academies and AIFF’s despotic bar chartering guidelines. I-League clubs are also frequently churning out players from their academies who play in their initial group and a Indian Super League has brought a large bucks into football.


India’s priority contingency be putting on a good uncover during a AFC U-16s and a -17 World Cup. Reuters

But India’s priority contingency be putting on a good uncover during a AFC U-16s and a -17 World Cup — and for that, a thoroughness on building players between a ages of 12-15 is critical — these are a ones who will play for a republic unfortunate to clear a ‘sleeping giant’ tab — and these are a ones who need to be found and developed.

There are a few unfortunate contribution that seemed in a Hindustan Times news today. And here are a 3 things that a AIFF needs to immediately set right — since a subsequent dual years are substantially a many critical in Indian football history.


Talent competition is a starting indicate for any football team: be it a college team, a veteran bar or a country. And India seem to be unsatisfactory here. India’s new U-17 manager Nicolai Adam went to Bengal recently and liked just one goalkeeper out of 53 (chosen by former India players) — a series that proves that India are simply not picking a right players. It’s scarcely unfit for a state where football is a primary competition to furnish usually one goalkeeper with potential. There is frequency any information on how a AIFF scouts players for their academies. There are a common football festivals where shortlisting happens — though do they keep an eye on each bar academy (plus a ISL academies)? How many scouts are there per state? How many area do they cover? How many mins of football do they watch? More importantly, who are these scouts? These are questions that need to be answered.


The Hindustan Times news says that India has 9 coaches with AFC’s Pro license. According to a Bournemouth University review in 2014, Germany has 6,934 and Spain 15,423 UEFA Pro License (equivalent of a AFC Pro License). The AIFF grassroots growth conduct hasn’t even upheld his AFC B License exam. Firstpost is available a respond from AIFF technical executive Scott O’Donnell on because such an critical position is filled with a chairman who doesn’t have AFC’s top license. India also has usually around a hundred AFC ‘A’ looseness coaches — this is a ridiculously low series for a republic with over a billion people.

Credit to a AIFF for recently going gung-ho when it comes to educating coaches — MoU’s with German and Japanese football associations have been sealed — and countless FIFA and AFC coaching courses take place opposite a republic simultaneously. Still, this is an emanate that will impact India in a prolonged term. Either a AIFF starts signing foreigners thick and fast, or pull their existent coaches to get aloft licenses as shortly as possible.


Firstpost visited AIFF’s academy in Vashi (Navi Mumbai) — and it seems to be using uniformly and producing a healthy series of players who connoisseur to a chosen academy in Goa. However, the Hindustan Times news says that ‘the AIFF’s thought of carrying 4 informal academies and one chosen training centre stays alive usually on a website, a association carrying motionless that for now a centre in Goa alone will do.’

Also, while a AIFF has been pulling clubs to emanate academies and binds grassroots developments activities too. But what happens after these steps? Where do a players removing speckled during these grassroots fests go? Is there a follow up? With so many function opposite a nation, something good needs to come off it or else they will sojourn promotional events. The trickle-down outcome of these activities needs to be highlighted by a AIFF.

Click here to review a full Hindustan Times report.

India play in a U-16 AFC Championship qualifiers in Sep this year — this is a good possibility to sign a players who many substantially will conduct to a U-17 WC in 2017. India has automatically competent for both events as horde nation.