Three’s Company Movie In The Works

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The renouned 70s and 80s sitcom Three’s Company competence only be on a approach back. Just not on a tiny screen. New Line has been in talks to squeeze a rights of a array and have all prepared hired a essay group to come adult with a book for a large shade instrumentation of a show.


Three’s Company ran on ABC from 1977 to 1984, and creatively starred John Ritter, Joyce De Witt, Suzanne Somers and Norman Fell. Ritter’s impression Jack Tripper and his roommates Janet Wood and Chrissy Snow simulated he was happy in sequence to assuage their landlord so he could live with them. Each part typically featured a miscommunication of some kind that led to comedic gold. Norman Fell left after a third deteriorate to star in a spin-off of a array and was henceforth transposed by Don Knotts. Suzanne Somers left after a fifth season, and was quickly transposed by Jenilee Harrison and after by Priscilla Barnes. The array itself was formed on a British sitcom by a name of Man About The House.

According to reports a devise is to keep a array set in a 1970s, distinct other TV shows of a same epoch that were changed brazen into complicated times such as The Brady Bunch and Starsky and Hutch.