Ticketmaster’s chatbot for Facebook is indeed not terrible

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A lot of chatbots have launched on Facebook in new months, though a Ticketmaster bot rising currently is among a best that I’ve been forced to work with.

Normally we equivocate reaching out to businesses by Facebook (it still doesn’t seem like a healthy channel to me — and I’m old), though there’s genuine application in Ticketmaster’s bot if you’re peaceful to give adult a certain volume of privacy.

The bot’s healthy denunciation estimate works good and not as programmatically as some others I’ve had to understanding with. Instead of walking someone by a transaction regulating prompts that feel unnatural, a bot can commend prompts like “What’s function tonight?” and come adult with responses.

The bot will literally uncover we each eventuality that Ticketmaster is portion adult in an area (in a place like LA, that can be a small overwhelming).

It’ll also respond to requests about a report for specific artists… so if there’s a rope we wish to see and don’t know either they’ll be entrance to your area, a summary bot can tell we (so prolonged as they’re personification during a Ticketmaster venue).

Search information covers 83 countries, so a bot has we lonesome even if you’re on a road. The association says a information is shareable, too, so if (unlike me) we have friends who caring about you, we can accumulate a cackle to take in a show.

The one emanate we had with a bot was a miss of in-chat purchasing. You still need to click a couple that takes we into Ticketmaster to make a purchase. It’d be improved if a shopping choice were seamless, though we was told by Ticketmaster developers that a in-chat shopping choice is something they’re operative on.

As a joining of online and offline commerce continues to browbeat a meditative among earthy stores, and as experiential selling and events turn some-more of a thing, design to see Ticketmaster continue to enhance a digital footprint. I’ve been in LA during Ticketmaster’s Summit and there’re really some some-more engaging things entrance down a highway from them.

Here are some screenshots to give we a clarity of a experience:

  1. Ticketmaster bot for Messenger Lady Gaga search.png

  2. Ticketmaster bot for Messenger Introduction.png

  3. Ticketmaster bot for Messenger Help.png

Featured Image: Bryce Durbin/TechCrunch