To transparent Rs 14,000 cr impost to farmers, govt wants mills to trade 4 mn t sugarine by Sept 2016

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New Delhi – Aiming to transparent shaft balance value about Rs 14,000 crore to farmers, a Centre currently destined cash-starved mills to compulsorily trade 4 million tonnes of sugarine in a 2015-16 selling year, commencement subsequent month.

Industry physique ISMA, however, pronounced marketplace sentiments should urge with this preference though sugarine exports from India continue to sojourn unviable and sought government’s support.



The sugarine industry, that owes about Rs 14,000 crore to shaft farmers, is incompetent to make remuneration as it is confronting serious liquidity break on comment of over-abundance prolongation that has resulted in low prices of sugarine in domestic markets.

“In perspective of a register levels with a sugarine attention and to promote achievements of financial liquidity and capacitate attention to grasp prolonged run viability, smallest demonstrative trade quotas (MIEQ) are being specified for 2015-16 season,” a Food Ministry pronounced in a circular.

The trade share of 4 million tonnes of all grades of sugarine has been bound for sugarine factories for a 2015-16 selling year (October-September), it added.

The Ministry serve said, “The sugarine factories should try to embark a smallest demonstrative trade quotas of sugarine as allocated to them unwell that they shall be deemed to be violating a directives of a government.”

The share has been bound by holding into comment normal sugarine prolongation of 3 years, including a stream and final dual sugarine seasons.

The quotas can be traded among sugarine factories on jointly acceptable terms and conditions.

The new sugarine factories that would embark prolongation for a initial time during 2015-16 selling year have a choice to trade smallest trade share adult to 12 percent of their estimated sugarine production, a Ministry added.

The preference on sugarine exports follows illustration done by NCP arch and former Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar on a emanate with Prime Minister Narendra Modi this week.

Pawar had done a clever defence to concede trade of 4 million tonnes of sugarine to assistance a attention as good as shaft growers in a arise of tellurian glut. He had also taken adult a emanate with Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

Welcoming a decision, Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA) Director General Abinash Verma said, “Fixing particular trade quotas for any sugarine indent will assistance revoke many of a over-abundance sugar, that has been joyless internal sugarine prices.”

He, however, said, “sugar exports from India continues to sojourn unviable, for that a attention will demeanour adult to a supervision for help.”

The trade share has been bound before start of abrasive deteriorate and this gives time to sugarine mills to devise their sugarine prolongation to support to a trade demand, he added.

That apart, a pierce should urge a marketplace sentiments and assistance in liberation of ex-mill sugarine prices, that fell by Rs 8 to Rs 10 per kg in final 16 months, he serve said.

Sugar prolongation is estimated during record 28.3 million tonnes in 2014-15 selling year (October-September) as opposite 24.3 million tonnes in a prior year, while a sum annual direct is pegged during 24.5 million tonnes.