Toddler Slammed to Ground, Five Fired

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After a recover of a video display a toddler being slammed onto a belligerent while another workman picked adult a toddler by her arms and legs and flung her about, a Apple Montessori School in Hoboken, New Jersey has dismissed 5 employees. Among those let go, 3 were teachers and a other dual were officials. The video of a diagnosis of these children is hapless and unforgivable.

Brett Stenhouse, a father of one of a girls seen being manhandled in a video, told NBC New York that he was told there had been an incident. He was not prepared for a occurrence to be so severe, Stenhouse said.

The video was reported to propagandize officials final week, however, a owners of a preschool were not wakeful of a video until 6 days later. It was afterwards that a owners immediately took action. The owners initial dismissed a preschool executive and partner executive for not doing this critical conditions in an suitable manner, as reported by


A clergyman in a video struggled to put a shawl on Stenhouse’s 23-month-old daughter slammed her to a belligerent to get a shawl on a toddler and afterwards left her there. Stenhouse was sensitive of a occurrence Wednesday, Jun 10.

The whistleblower who prisoner a incidents on camera took a video to a school, though she feared there competence be a cover-up. That is because she common a video on Facebook, according to NBC.

On Jun 11, a second video arrived during a propagandize that showed some-more inapt doing of a toddlers by an employee. NBC reported that a worker in a video was already one of a 5 dismissed from a prior video, display a toddler being slammed to a ground.

The Apple Montessori School gave a matter to parents. They announced their snub concerning a miss of peculiarity caring shown by a now former employees. The propagandize pronounced that they will not endure this form of function in any approach or for any reason. The propagandize has also pronounced that it would be putting into place new reserve precautions to be certain that there is not an event for this function to occur again.

Hoboken residents are outraged. This occurrence happened a month ago and now a propagandize is banishment people. The school’s greeting to a occurrence could have something to do with a video being common on Facebook. The school’s owners explain they did not see a video until Wednesday, Jun 10.

Larry Sciancalepore, a Hoboken proprietor and teacher of 43 years, pronounced he was confounded that teachers would provide children in such a manner. Hoboken Councilman, Michael Russo’s child attends Apple Montessori School and he was perfectionist answers from a school. Councilman Russo had a review with a owners of a propagandize and he believes that they are doing all they presumably can to safeguard this terrible conditions is not repeated.


There is another box in New Jersey that involves a toddler being slammed to a ground. This toddler was initial strike with a towel and afterwards slapped, before being thrown to a belligerent by her possess mother.

In Jersey City, 42-year-old Lynnarose S. Servida private her two-year-old daughter from her hiker and proceeded to chuck a child to a ground, according to officials. Servida has been charged with child abuse. She also struck her toddler with a towel and afterwards her open palm before she proceeded to collect adult her toddler from a hiker and chuck a toddler to a belligerent causing mistreat to her toddler, as settled in a rapist complaint.

The indignity of children is really hapless and it happens everywhere. These toddlers are small and incompetent to urge themselves. Justice for these children is being served. A toddler was slammed to a belligerent and 5 people were fired. It is not certain during this time if charges will be filed. Another toddler was slammed to a belligerent and her mom goes to jail.

By Jeanette Smith


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