Tom Cruise Injured In Mission: Impossible 6 Stunt

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Tom Cruise is no foreigner to behaving his possess stunts for his films, though it appears as if his fitness with avoiding a damage bug might have finally run out.

The 55 year aged actor was behaving a building-to-building burst for a latest Mission:Impossible film, though by a sounds of it he didn’t utterly make a full jump and slammed into a building instead. Word is Cruise was means to get behind to his feet, though was seen limping divided from a scene. At this indicate a border of his injuries are unclear, and it’s different when filming will resume.

Cruise is no foreigner to on-set near-miss accidents. For a 2014 film Edge of Tomorrow, Cruise’s co-star Emily Blunt claims she roughly killed him while doing their possess stunts for a high speed automobile chase. And while filming 2003’s a Last Samurai, a automatic equine disaster caused Cruise’s neck to come within an in. of a sword blade. 

The sixth book of Mission Impossible is scheduled to strike theatres in Jul of subsequent year.