Top 5 Emmy Snubs Of All Time

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The 2016 Emmy Awards front this Sunday night, and like any year there are copiousness of talked about races, a few informed faces, and above all, lots and lots of predictions. Every year nonetheless there are snubs, people who were approaching to win and didn’t. Unfortunately for some actors and actresses, a snubs continued over mixed years. If they were nominated year in and year out for a same role, since didn’t they win? That’s an answer we competence never have. Here are a tip snubs of all time.

Angela Lansbury – Murder She Wrote was one of a tip shows on radio from 1985 – 1996, and for any one of those years Lansbury was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama. That’s 12 nominations, and Lansbury won nothing of them. In sum she’s been nominated for 17 Emmy’s, and has 0 wins to uncover for it.

Steve Carell – The Office was a outrageous hit, and Steve Carell was a outrageous reason why. His impression of Michael Scott gave us a reason to balance in any week, and Carell got 6 Emmy nominations for a role. Unfortunately he never won.

Hugh Laurie – Would House have been as large of a success though Hugh Laurie? He played a grumpy, meant spirited, and intensely intelligent American alloy so good that a lot of people didn’t comprehend he was British and didn’t unequivocally need a cane. Laurie perceived 6 assignment for a role, and mislaid out any time. He is adult for another assignment this year for The Night Manager, though a foe is unequivocally strong.

Michael Landon – Here’s one that competence warn you. Michael Landon had 3 strike radio shows over a march of his career (Bonanza, Little House on a Prarie and Highway to Heaven). He was a gifted writer, director, uncover curtain and actor, nonetheless he never perceived any Emmy nominations over a march of his career. For someone to have plated as large of a purpose on radio as he has, maybe it’s time to give him a post-mortem award?

Jerry Seinfeld – You’d consider that being nominated 5 years in a quarrel for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series would meant during slightest one win, though for Jerry Seinfeld that wasn’t a case. He did take home a prize since a series won for Outstanding Comedy Series in 1993, though he never won for actin.

Photo: Montclair Film Festival on Wikipedia