Top Brussels Police Official Is Knocked Out by Protester

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Masked protesters clashed with proof military officers in Brussels on Tuesday during a proof opposite skeleton to cut amicable gratification programs.

Michel Spingler/Associated Press

A comparison officer in a Brussels police, Pierre Vandersmissen, was hospitalized on Tuesday after a protester crushed him in a conduct with a mill when an anti-austerity criticism became violent, according to a video of a eventuality and internal news reports.

Belgian Police Commissioner Gets Hit During Protest Video by KingBang Channel

After being hit, Commissioner Vandersmissen, who was not wearing protecting proof gear, was seen fibbing in a travel on his face, clearly unconscious.

Before, he had been chasing protesters with a bin of peppers spray.

He is approaching to be liberated from a sanatorium on Wednesday, according to news reports.

Once on a belligerent he was surrounded by protesters until a municipal in a gray, hooded sweatshirt initial came to his aid. Then officers in physique armor, carrying shields and batons, arrived to help.

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One malcontent nearby Commissioner Vandersmissen was apparently struck by a military and was seen draining from his head.

Two military officers and 8 protesters were harmed in a clashes, according to The Associated Press.

The protests were called by labor unions to denote opposite a center-right government’s skeleton to cut amicable gratification programs.

In a statement, a supervision pronounced that it “condemns a assault committed by a minority.”

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