Top Smoked Meat Sandwiches In Montreal

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Smoked beef sandwiches are a Montreal tack food. Biting into one of these sandwiches, we will be means to know what it’s like to be a loyal Montrealer. These macho sandwiches tend to be jam packaged with as many beef as possible, with a bread toppling over- and a side of fries, of course. Although this plate seems utterly over a top, it is fortitude of Montreal’s food empire. For all we foodies out there, here is a list of a tip smoked beef sandwiches in Montreal:

Schwartz Deli is famous as a many famous smoked beef corner in all of North America. Founded in 1928 by Reuben Schwartz, they have been scheming smoked beef sandwiches a out-of-date approach for over 80 years. All of a beef is baked daily vital adult to a endowment winning taste. Although there are other equipment on a menu, many people conduct over to a eminent deli for a implausible tasting smoked beef sandwich that certainly will not disappoint.


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Reuben’s is located in a heart of downtown Montreal on Sainte-Catherine West. Known as one of Montreal’s premier deli and steakhouses, Reuben’s is open daily for guest to ambience a Montreal delicacy. Each sandwich is prepared bubbling prohibited and palm forged special to order. Try pairing your tasty sandwich with a milkshake for a ultimate experience.

Main Deli, known to be a opposition to Schwartz’s as it is located opposite a travel from any other, is another glorious smoked beef restaurant. As their enormous smoked beef sandwich pilled between dual pieces of rye bread is their signature dish, it is really value trying!


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Dunn’s is concurred as one of Montreal’s many iconic restaurants. While there are many options on a menu, their smoked beef sandwich is a important meal. They ready a beef for 6 days to close in a tasty pepper for guest to enjoy. What is also extraordinary about this grill is that it’s open 24 hours a day and a ideal late night corner to indulge at. Order a smoked beef sandwich with a poutine on a side and we are set for a ultimate Canadian meal.

Lester’s is famous as a internal favourite in Montreal. Serving Montrealers for over 60 years, a deli is located in Outremont, on a North side of Mount Royal. The family run business promises a appetizing smoked beef for we to enjoy. Check it out if we are in a area!