Tortilla Chips Are The Best Ingredient That You Totally Forgot About

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When we demeanour during tortilla chips, we substantially see visions of slimey nachos and crunchy taco salads, though what you’re unequivocally doing is offered those tainted crisps short. Even if you’ve let them go a small stale, we don’t need to chuck a bag away! You can give them a whole new life by crunching ’em adult into a juicy dish or delicious break that will have your family vagrant for seconds.

Prepare to find yourself apropos really hungry. You can check out a full recipes by clicking on a taste-bud-tempting titles.

1. Tortilla Chip and Pecan-Crusted Chicken Nuggets

a href= target=_blankTortilla Chip and Pecan-Crusted Chicken Nuggets/a


2. Mexican Green Chili Veggie Burgers

a href= target=_blankMexican Green Chili Veggie Burgers/a

Minimalist Baker

3. Chipotle Shrimp Appetizers

a href= target=_blankChipotle Shrimp Appetizers/a

Every Day Dishes

4. BBQ Bacon Sushi

a href= target=_blankBBQ Bacon Sushi/a


5. Nacho-Stuffed Chicken

a href= target=_blankNacho-Stuffed Chicken/a

Handle a Heat

6. Slow Cooker King Ranch Chicken

a href= target=_blankSlow Cooker King Ranch Chicken/a

Six Sisters’ Stuff

7. Tortilla Chip-Crusted Chicken Salad

a href= target=_blankTortilla Chip-Crusted Chicken Salad/a

Half Baked Harvest

8. Nacho Grilled Cheese

a href= target=_blankNacho Grilled Cheese/a

Cook a Story

9. Avocado Fries

a href= target=_blankAvocado Fries/a

Gluten Free With LB

10. Chilaquiles and Eggs

a href= target=_blankChilaquiles and Eggs/a

Taking On Mangazines

11. Smothered Nacho Chicken

a href= target=_blankSmothered Nacho Chicken/a

Carlsbad Cravings

12. Baked Twisted Cheese Sticks

a href= target=_blankBaked Twisted Cheese Sticks/a

Julie’s Eats and Treats

13. Chicken Tortilla Casserole

a href= target=_blankChicken Tortilla Casserole/a

Kristine’s Kitchen Blog

14. Tortilla-Crusted Chicken Fingers

a href= target=_blankTortilla-Crusted Chicken Fingers/a

Busy in Brooklyn

15. Cauliflower Tots

a href= target=_blankCauliflower Tots/a

Mom, What’s For Dinner?

16. Fried Ravioli with Spicy Fontina Queso Fundido

a href= target=_blankFried Ravioli with Spicy Fontina Queso Fundido/a

Half Baked Harvest

17. Southwestern Salmon Cakes

a href= target=_blankSouthwestern Salmon Cakes/a

Averie Cooks

18. Mexican Meatloaf

a href= target=_blankMexican Meatloaf/a

Green Acre Living

19. Vegan Green Chili Mac-n-Cheese

a href= target=_blankVegan Green Chili Mac-n-Cheese/a

Minimalist Baker

20. Mexican Meatballs

a href= target=_blankMexican Meatballs/a

Simply Stacie

21. Pistachio and Whole Grain Tortilla-Crusted Tilapia

a href= target=_blankPistachio and Whole Grain Tortilla-Crusted Tilapia/a

Chicago Parent

22. Taco Cheese Ball

a href= target=_blankTaco Cheese Ball/a

Shugary Sweets

23. Tortilla Breakfast Casserole

a href= target=_blankTortilla Breakfast Casserole/a


(via BuzzFeed)

Never blink a energy one part can have to change adult your whole meal! Now, get enormous and crunching away.

Check out some-more juicy treats in a links below:

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