Toyota and Panasonic to Start Feasibility Study of Joint Automotive Prismatic Battery Business

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Toyota City, Japan, Dec 13, 2017 ― Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) and Panasonic Corporation (Panasonic) announce currently an agreement to start study a feasibility of a corner automotive kaleidoscopic battery business.

This agreement between a dual companies aims to assistance find solutions to dire governmental issues such as tellurian warming, atmosphere pollution, a lassitude of healthy resources and appetite security. Furthermore, this agreement is dictated to residence flourishing direct and expectations for electrified vehicles. In sequence to comprehend these objectives, Toyota and Panasonic aim serve advancements in automotive batteries, that are essential technologies in electrified vehicles.

Signing of partnership agreement between Panasonic and Toyota.

Since Toyota and Panasonic began their business attribute in 1953, a dual companies have been severe any other with a idea of mutual improvement, quite in honing their prolongation capabilities (monozukuri). With a business sourroundings undergoing extreme change, both companies have satisfied a significance of collaborating with devoted partners and looking past required bounds to minister to a universe by monozukuri and formulating new value.

Through activities such as rising a Prius, a world’s initial mass prolongation hybrid car (HV), in 1997, and a Mirai fuel dungeon car (FCV) in 2014, Toyota has a record of holding on formidable hurdles in a bid to comprehend a tolerable mobility society. Leveraging a expertise and believe amassed by a continual excellence and commercialization of a foundation technologies, Toyota is operative on a growth of a full operation of environmentally accessible vehicles including HVs, PHVs (plug-in hybrid vehicles), FCVs, and EVs (electric vehicles) that fit a needs of customers’ lifestyles worldwide.

Panasonic has positioned automotive lithium-ion batteries as one of a pivotal businesses, and a automotive batteries are used by many automakers worldwide. Panasonic’s technological capabilities that grasp several mandate for such batteries are good regarded in a market. The association is creation efforts to serve raise a reserve and ability of a automotive kaleidoscopic batteries, creation use of a amassed technological believe in a battery business.

Toyota and Panasonic commend a significance that serve advancements in battery performance, cost and safety, as good as a fast supply capacity, will have on enlivening serve popularization of electrified vehicles. Both companies will cruise sum of a partnership with a aim of achieving a best automotive kaleidoscopic battery in a attention and, ultimately, contributing to a popularization of Toyota’s and other automakers’ electrified vehicles.

Source: Toyota

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