TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Unveils GR Super Sport Concept during Tokyo Auto Salon 2018

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TOYOTA GAZOO Racing unveils a GR Super Sport Concept, a judgment vehicle that incorporates hybrid record honed by appearance in a FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC), along with a exam car, to a universe currently during Tokyo Auto Salon 2018.

GR Super Sport Concept

GR Super Sport Concept

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing aims to labour a cars and people toward a idea of creation ever-better cars by appearance in motorsport activities, including tellurian and inhabitant races and rallies. The technologies and expertise acquired by such activities are subsequently fed behind into new prolongation vehicles. In Japan, orders for a Vitz GRMN, a singular book indication that stands during a apex of a GR sports vehicle series, are scheduled to be taken starting in April. It was grown by incorporating learnings from a Vitz as it underwent highway contrast during Nürburgring, that is pronounced to be a world’s many exhausting course, and by a rebellious of a Japanese Rally Championship.

Furthermore, Toyota’s continued appearance in a WEC is seen as a rarely profitable and required plan in terms of building cutting-edge hybrid systems and electrified vehicle (EV) systems. Fuel economy-enhancing technologies and other developments gained by such tough technological competitions are already being fed behind into prolongation vehicles. The newly suggested GR Super Sport Concept is stoical of mostly a same categorical tools as a TS050 Hybrid competition vehicle that competes in a WEC. Beneath a beautifully issuing and strange form are a V6 twin turbocharger and a Toyota Hybrid System-Racing (THS-R) powertrain, that have been honed by tangible racing. With a high-efficiency EV complement and lean-burn engine, this next-generation super sports vehicle is set to broach both ultimate energy and environmental performance.


Shigeki Tomoyama (President, GAZOO Racing Company)

“Rather than building prolongation cars into sports cars, we aim to work out how to incorporate a expertise grown by races and rallies into prolongation cars amid several restrictions, and this is how competing contributes to TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s efforts toward creation ever-better cars. Thus, this is a starting indicate for Toyota’s totally new plea to rise sports cars from active competition cars. Although it will be some time before we all have a event to get behind a wheel, we wish that a GR Super Sport Concept will give we a ambience of what we aim to grasp with a next-generation sports cars.

At a finish of final year, following a proclamation that Toyota would continue competing in a WEC, President Akio Toyoda commented that ‘more than 100 years have upheld given a birth of a automobile. As a attention approaches times of extensive change, we am strongly dynamic to make certain that cars will be fun for a subsequent 100 years.’ At CES 2018, hold in a United States during a commencement of a year, a e-Palette Concept was suggested as a new common mobility indication for communities. If a e-Palette Concept is a subsequent era of a horse-drawn carriage, a GR Super Sport Concept would be a frigid conflicting as a next-generation racehorse. Its interest is some-more personal, like that of a much-loved equine to a owner. Despite a differences between a dual judgment models, both are electrified vehicles versed with a latest IT technologies and are set to turn protected and environmentally accessible connected cars.

Even as foundation and IT techonologies accelerate, a accessibility of conflicting forms of cars, including frigid conflicting models like a GR Super Sport Concept and a e-Palette Concept, means that they will never turn a commodity. Furthermore, it is an unwavering fact that people wish to transport freely, entrance apart places, and to get there quicker than everybody else in appealing vehicles. The feelings that one has for a vehicle that can do all this are abounding and heart-pounding.

Although a plea to make ‘cars that will be fun’ for a subsequent 100 years has only begun, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing aims to continue creation sparkling cars to move smiles to a customers’ faces and to minister to a destiny of a vehicle industry. We demeanour brazen to your continued support in achieving this aim.”

Source: Toyota

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