Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle To Go On Sale This Year In Canada

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Montreal, Québec, Jan 18, 2018―Toyota Canada currently took an critical step towards a destiny of tolerable mobility in Canada, announcing that a Toyota Mirai―powered by hydrogen fuel dungeon electric powertrain technology―is entrance to Canada this year. As Toyota kicked off a appearance in a Montréal International Auto Show, a association reliable it would launch starting with name fleets in Québec, where a Mirai will take advantage of a province’s purify hydroelectric appetite era to offer drivers a remarkably clean, some-more tolerable choice to a required automobile.

Toyota Mirai

Toyota Mirai (Credit: Toyota)

“Toyota is ardent about assisting Canada, and societies around a world, suffer a greener future―as we have summarized in a Environmental Challenge 2050. And a Mirai―a zero-emissions, prolongation indication sedan―is an critical miracle as we work to grasp this,” pronounced Martin Gilbert, Director of Sales Planning and Innovation, Toyota Canada Inc. “Working closely with a Québec supervision and pivotal stakeholders, we feel a time is right to put Mirai on a highway in a province.”

“Québec is good positioned to turn a universe personality in terms of appetite transition, a plea for all complicated economies”, pronounced Pierre Moreau, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources. “This plea can't be solved alone; it’s by building vital partnerships with companies like Toyota, that currently launches a Mirai, a fuel dungeon electric vehicle, that we will succeed.”

“The attainment of a Mirai in Québec is ideally in line with a adoption of a zero-emission car (ZEV) customary final December, that aims to almost boost a series of electric cars on Québec roads”, pronounced Isabelle Melançon, Minister of Sustainable Development, a Environment and a Fight Against Climate Change. “This customary will give Québecers entrance to a wider operation of electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids. Toyota’s proclamation demonstrates that builders are tough during work to accommodate a hothouse gas rebate targets we collectively set for a advantage of a world and destiny generations.”

The Mirai’s introduction follows a successful marketplace launch of a Toyota Prius Prime plug-in hybrid vehicle. The association launched a real-world marketplace hearing of Prius Prime in Québec in mid-2017, and a strenuous success of that knowledge has set a theatre for expanding Prius Prime to a rest of Canada this year. It also total a plans for modernized record car introductions―one that will assistance Toyota safeguard that Canadians welcome fuel dungeon electric vehicles such as a Mirai with a same unrestrained that they have shown for a Prius and other electrified Toyota vehicles.

Of course, Mirai needs a source of hydrogen, and given Hydro Québec is a world’s fourth-largest writer of purify hydro-electricity that means that a hydrogen used to expostulate Mirai will be constructed from remarkably purify sources too. Toyota Canada has been operative closely with partners in Québec over a past year―in particular, a Ministries of Energy, Environment, and Transportation―to safeguard a introduction of an suitable fueling infrastructure in a province.

With a modernized record underneath a hood, a 2018 Toyota Mirai delivers 3 pivotal advantages that Toyota feels are critical to Canadians. First, there’s no need for operation anxiety, as a Mirai can transport some-more than 500 km on a tank of hydrogen. Second, refuelling time is identical to a unchanging gasoline vehicle, holding approximately 5 mins to refill a tank. And third, a Mirai has proven cold-weather reliability―especially critical as many tools of Canada have gifted new, record-cold temperatures this winter.

Mirai stores hydrogen in a fuel tank. This is total with oxygen in a fuel dungeon stack. The ensuing chemical greeting produces dual things: electricity, and water. The electricity powers a vehicle, delivering 151 rise horsepower and adult to 247 lb-ft of torque. And a H2O leaves by a tailpipe as Mirai’s usually emission.

Beyond a conspicuous appetite supply, however, a Mirai delivers accurately what drivers have come to design of Toyota: a stylish, feature-rich, fun-to-drive four-door sedan. The aerodynamic physique is highlighted by LED headlamps and daytime using lights, hold sensor front doorway handles and case lid, and 17″ amalgamate wheels. Noise-reducing potion contributes to a quiet, gentle cabin, featuring eight-way appetite tractable front seats, exhilarated seats for everyone, electronic pull symbol start with Smart Key, a heated, appetite tractable steering circle with built-in multifunction controls, a reward audio complement with navigation, and more. And as a Toyota, a Mirai also delivers a assent of mind of uncompromised safety, including radar journey control, pre-collision system, line depart alert, involuntary high beams, 8 airbags, a fill-in camera, blind mark guard with back cranky trade alert, and more.

The Toyota Mirai will go on sale after this year. The car will be on arrangement during a 2018 Montréal International Auto Show, where visitors to a uncover will be a really initial in Canada to have a event to book exam drives and rivet with a interactive and ominous TimePlay Mirai knowledge as partial of a Toyota exhibit. The Montréal International Auto Show takes place Jan 19-28 during a Palais des Congrès de Montréal.

Source: Toyota

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