Trading in his feet for his hand, Man Utd striker Rooney puts a harm on WWE’s Barrett

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Could England’s top goalscorer and Manchester United whitchcraft Wayne Rooney be eyeing a post-football purpose in a ring? Doubtful, though there’s adequate justification to advise a suspicion could have crossed Wazza’s mind. After all, there was that video of him ring with England teammate Phil Bardsley, and now this.

At a WWE uncover during a Manchester Arena on Monday night, Rooney took displeasure during some remarks by Wade Barrett (who, we might good ask; remember a Nexus?). And afterwards Rooney proceeded to open a can of self-evident whoop a** on him?

Not quite, what came subsequent was some-more of a slap than anything, though it was adequate to send Barrett, clattering to a floor. An eager ‘over-sell’ or a deceptively high-powered right-hand? Decide for yourself:

Apparently, there’s some story between these two, with Preston North End fan Barrett accusing Rooney of diving during an FA Cup compare between United and Preston in Feb this year.

Having taken a tumble, Barrett in a character of a loyal mime villain, called a ‘waning’ (at slightest from a centre-forward’s standpoint) Rooney out for a re-match.

Should we find yourself asking, ‘Phil who?’, here’s another video: