Transplantation of hypoxia preconditioned BMMSC enhances angiogenesis and osteogenesis

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Transplantation of hypoxia preconditioned bone marrow mesenchymal branch cells enhances angiogenesis and osteogenesis in rabbit femoral conduct osteonecrosis.


Osteonecrosis of a femoral conduct might be a illness ensuing from aberrant proliferation or split of mesenchymal branch cells. The benefaction review explored a novel plan of hypoxia-preconditioned BMMSCs to retreat a spoil of osteonecrosis BMMSCs and raise a healing intensity of hypoxia-treated BMMSC transplantation.


BMMSCs from a maiden aloft iliac spine segment of osteonecrosis rabbit were well-bred underneath 20% O2 or 2% O2 conditions. Normal BMMSCs were well-bred underneath 20% O2 condition as control. Growth factors secreted were examined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. 20% O2 or 2% O2 BMMSCs were injected into a femoral conduct of rabbits after core decompression. Cell viability and apoptosis were assessed in vitro, and TUNEL dirty of a femoral conduct was analyzed after transplantation. Angiogenesis (capillary-like structure formation, CD31 immunohistochemical dirty and ink distillate angiography) and osteogenesis (Alizarin red-S staining, micro-CT scanning and OCN immunohistochemical staining) tests were conducted as well.


2% O2 exposure up-regulated expansion cause secretion in BMMSCs. Apoptosis in 2% O2 group was reduce when compared with that in 20% O2 osteonecrosis group. Cell viability in 2% O2 was significantly aloft when compared with that in 20% O2 osteonecrosis group. Growth cause secretion, dungeon viability, apoptosis, capillary-like structure formation, Alizarin red-S staining, and ALP dirty showed no disproportion between a 2% O2 BMMSC and normal BMMSC groups. Transplantation of 2% O2 versus 20% O2 mesenchymal branch cells after core decompression resulted in an boost in angiogenesis duty and a diminution in internal hankie apoptosis. Our investigate also found that osteogenesis duty was softened after hypoxic stem cell transplantation.


Hypoxic preconditioning of BMMSCs is an effective means of reversing a spoil of osteonecrosis BMMSCs, compelling their regenerative capability and healing intensity for a diagnosis of osteonecrosis.

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