Travel: The Giant Forest In Sequoia National Park, California

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General_Sherman_Tree_2013You competence only feel like you’ve trafficked to Middle Earth or Jurassic Park if we confirm to go to The Giant Forest in Sequoia National Park.  After all it boasts 5 of a 10 largest vital trees in a world, not to mention General Sherman, that is a famous as a largest vital tree on a planet, not to discuss a largest organism, by volume, alive today.

The Giant Forest is located in western Sierra Nevada of California, and it covers an area of 7.6 squared kilometers. There are over 64 kilometers of hiking trails, and is famed for a hulk sequoia trees.  In box we were wondering how large a trees are, good General Sherman is over 275 feet high and 25 feet in diameter.  That’s one large tree! It’s also estimated to be between 2300 – 2700 years old.

There used to be over 300 buildings in a area as well, though between 1995 and 2000 all though 4 were demolished, restoring a park to healthy conditions.

To strech this healthy consternation all we need to do is make your approach to Fresno California, where we can strech a a timberland by State Route 180. There is camping offering nearby, and visitors mostly see jackass deer, Douglas squirrel, and American black bear.

Photo:  Tuxyso / Wikimedia Commons