Trump says he would urge Iran deal, not countermand it

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican presidential claimant Donald Trump says it would make no clarity to “repudiate” a chief arms understanding with Iran.

Speaking about a agreement to rein in Tehran’s chief program, a billionaire genuine estate noble calls it “a terrible contract” and says he’d work to urge it if elected.

Trump tells MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” module he feels competent since “I do like to buy bad contracts.”

He repeats his assign that a understanding was “negotiated by totally amateurish people.” Trump says in Friday’s talk that Iran “is going to be an comprehensive terror,” presaging Tehran would use income from sanctions service to emanate instability in a region.

Trump says that if elected, “I will make that agreement so tough that if they mangle it, they will have ruin to pay.”

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