Twitter Is Monkeying Around With The Order Of Tweets In Your Timeline

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I’ve been told by insiders during Twitter that “nothing is sacred” when it comes to creation Twitter “easier to use” and prepared to onboard a subsequent few hundred million users that Twitter needs to be a powerhouse in media. The latest tweaks and horsing around have to do with a sequence of tweets we see in your timeline.

The hallmark of Twitter has been a retreat sequential tide that we see each day with one chatter issuing in after another in order. That’s not what some users are seeing, though:

Some are job it a “Facebooking of Twitter.” This of march references a fact that there is no apparent rhyme or reason as to because certain equipment uncover adult in your news feed on a amicable network.

We’ve schooled that yes, this is another examination in a new Dorsey era, that a new CEO alluded to in a Q2 gain call:

You will see us continue to doubt a retreat sequential timeline, and all a work it takes to build one by anticipating and following accounts, by practice like ‘while we were away’. We continue to uncover a doubt of a fundamentals in sequence to make a product easier and some-more permitted to some-more people.

While I’m not accurately certain what this exam will uncover Twitter, they’re many positively profitable courtesy to a information and not a people angry about a test…as many companies in this conditions do.

Since I’m a doctrinaire Twitter user, we frequency have a need for a “while we were away” feature, and I’m not unequivocally meddlesome in saying tweets in any other sequence than that they come in. we mean, we already see tweets out of sequence in a timelines when someone retweets something.

At a finish of October, Dorsey pronounced that Twitter is “getting easier to use each singular week” though I’m not certain that we’ve seen a fruits of that labor yet. Recently, a association launched polls, stretched polls to 4 options, switched out favs for likes and stars with hearts, substituted a Moments and Notifications add-on on a web and Android and spotless adult a print knowledge on a web. Easier to use? Not really. Table stakes if we ask me.

So in a suggestion of transparency, I’ve gotta ask:

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