Twitter Monthly Active Users Crawl To 316M, Dorsey: “We Are Not Satisfied”

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Twitter reported that a monthly active user count has reached 316 million, adult a insignificant 15 percent compared to a year-ago quarter, and adult from 308 million in a preceding quarter.

The association indicated that it sees 80 percent of a monthly actives as monthly mobile actives.

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Its halt CEO, Jack Dorsey, addressed a miss of assembly expansion by observant this:

Our Q2 formula uncover good swell in monetization, yet we are not confident with a expansion in audience.

The association mislaid a few employees focused on find and expansion right before a gain dropped.

Its central call will be Periscoped, even yet a association pennyless out no numbers for that app, or Vine.

You can’t speak about Twitter but articulate about how many users it has, given it’s naturally compared to Facebook in roughly each way. While a financial formula continue to stir even a staunchest of detractors, it’s a miss of quantifiable user growth, a hockey hang if we will, is what cheeses people off about Twitter.

Forget Facebook’s 1.4 billion users. Why doesn’t Twitter have even 500 million users? What’s interlude people from signing up? This is a subsequent CEO’s problem to tackle, no matter who it is.

Twitter’s batch is adult scarcely 5 percent after-hours.

Featured Image: Bryce Durbin