UFC 191 Johnson vs. Dodson II DraftKings Preview: MMA Spotlight

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Back to a self-proclaimed Fight Capitol of a world; Las Vegas, Nevada welcomes behind a UFC’s Strawweight Champion, Demetrious Johnson, as he defends his belt opposite John Dodson for a second time. The dual lightning discerning strawweights sealed horns in Jan 2013, when Johnson was means to come behind and win a quarrel by preference after he was forsaken by Dodson twice during a fight. Surely Johnson will have a opposite proceed to this hitch with Dodson a second time, not many fighters can take a shots he did a initial quarrel and still come behind to win. It shows his continuance and eagerness to sojourn champion, yet also hints during how dangerous Dodson indeed is. In a co-main event, dual former UFC Heavyweight champions step in a enclosure to see who could presumably plea for a pretension next, as Andrei “The Pitbull” Arlovski hopes to keep a strain alive opposite acquiescence guru, Frank Mir. The rest of a label is equally as considerable as former pretension challenger Anthony Johnson and rising women’s star Paige VanZant binds slots on a remaining pay-per-view card. The early rough bouts flog off on Fight Pass during 7 p.m. EST, strike televised wire on FOX Sports 1 during 8 p.m. EST, with a categorical label exclusively being hold on pay-per-view during 10 p.m. EST. Lightning and rumble ideally report a categorical and co-main events alike, balance in to locate a fireworks!

[C] Demetrious Johnson (21-2-1) vs. #1 John Dodson (18-6) Flyweight Title Bout – While a masses continue to chuck dismay during a UFC Flyweight champion, Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson,  a tiny in status yet incomparable than life luminary is confident baffling a haters. On and on again he dismisses his opponents with ease, credit to Dodson though, he has been a toughest competition Johnson has faced so distant as champion. Both are electric with their movements, strike quicker than a flash, and both will be equally tough to follow for a viewers. Johnson has shown that he can mentally and physically step into low H2O and still finish his opponents; while Dodson has been deliberate a one pretence pony, widely relying on his in-and-out speed and energy to win fights. Fantasy value is genuine iffy in this one, both Johnson and Dodson will furnish a statistics needed, yet a finish is rarely unlikely. Johnson has never been finished inside a octagon, and Dodson has never depressed plant to a finish either. Overall, a champion is a improved fighter, and a outcome will be no opposite from what it was before. Demetrious Johnson around Unanimous Decision. 

#4 Andrei Arlovski (24-10) vs. #8 Frank Mir (18-9) Heavyweight Bout – The UFC has unequivocally been hyping a re-arrivals of these dual heavyweight legends, yet a theme matter unequivocally needs to be serve looked into. Mir has won dual in a row, around knockout, over a unexpected dissipating Antonio Silva and a extravagantly haphazard Todd Duffee. Could roughly call it a rebirth if Mir piled adult a few wins beforehand, yet a fact is, he had mislaid 4 in a quarrel before putting together his new dual quarrel winning streak. Andrei Arlovski, on a other hand, has truly regenerated a career that seemed to be streamer into a downward turn after his detriment to Fedor Emelianenko in 2009. Arlovski has strung together 9 victories in his final 11 fights, with one controversial ‘No Contest’ preference over Tim Sylvia, in that Arlovski forsaken him and proceeded to flog Sylvia in a face. Neither here nor there does that tad bit of information unequivocally matter, yet it should be 10 wins for a record. Anyway, to be utterly frank, 9 times out of ten, Mir does not mount a possibility opposite Arlovski, Here is why. Mir’s distinguished is slow, predictable, and not a many technically sound. Mir’s takedown diversion is unequivocally lackluster, Arlovski has a best takedown invulnerability in a division. Arlovski is intensely fugitive for being a UFC heavyweight and has been crowned one of a best strikers in a multiplication by many. Any fighter, even a heavyweight for that matter, has a puncher’s possibility in a fight, that is because Mir was given a 10 percent chance. Realistically though, postulated a outrageous upset, Arlovski will hit Mir comatose and might presumably be postulated a subsequent shot during a UFC heavyweight title. Capping off an implausible run in a graduation and in a multiplication that he was a champion of scarcely 10 years ago. Andrei Arlovski around Knockout.

#1 Anthony Johnson (19-4) vs. Jimi Manuwa (15-1) Light Heavyweight Bout – A last-minute replacement is always tough to do. It does not assistance matters that Manuwa will be confronting a rarely encouraged light heavyweight looking to miscarry from his pretension loss and his many personal issues. Johnson has frightful power, make a warrior wish he was not born, power. Johnson had dirty his walking route with fighters that have depressed to his hulk like smashes, until he met halt light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, that is. Cormier wrestled Johnson to submission, and gave a former series one contender a much-needed existence check before he stepped feet behind inside a UFC cage. Manuwa is no slump and has racked adult 15 wins for a reason, yet this quarrel will stay in Johnson’s element, that is a bad thought for Manuwa. Not to hit Manuwa’s distinguished bravery what so ever, he has 14 finishes in his 15 wins, yet this is Anthony “Rumble” Johnson. There is not a male who has been means to mount and trade successfully with Johnson, with unequivocally few flourishing a exchanges. No warn here, chuck Arlovski and Johnson on your DraftKings lineups and hurl a dice. Anthony Johnson around Technical Knockout.

#12 Jan Blachowicz (18-4) vs. Corey Anderson (6-1) Light Heavyweight Bout – The knowledge turn of any warrior unequivocally binds a pivotal component in this quarrel between Blachowicz and Anderson. Anderson’s record speaks for itself. He has 7 fights underneath his belt and is still eventually tender when it comes to his set of skills. Blachowicz prides himself on being technical, yet unequivocally hinders himself when he thinks too most and becomes hesitant. Aggressive fighters have been a Achilles Heel to a Polish light heavyweight, and Anderson unequivocally creates adult for what he lacks ability correct in his assertive approach. Still, when it comes down to it, Anderson distinguished invulnerability is not adult to par, and Blachowicz will collect it detached for a decision. Jan Blachowicz around Unanimous Decision.

#7 Paige VanZant (5-1) vs. Alex Chambers (4-2) Women’s Strawweight Bout – To Paige VanZant this quarrel creates a ton of sense, to a rest of a fighting faithful, it does not. Time and time again, Chambers struggles with assertive fighters and does not possess a distinguished or energy to keep them off of her. VanZant marches brazen during a raging pace, one that is tough for any other UFC women’s strawweight can match. She relates consistent vigour and ceaselessly succeeds on holding down her opponents. Chambers is wily on a ground, winning dual of her fights by submission, so VanZant contingency be prepared for some disreputable underling attempts from a Aussie. Minus a finish mental collapse, VanZant takes home another easy victory, make a indicate to collect her adult in anticipation if Johnson or Arlovski are too expensive. Paige VanZant around Technical Knockout.

In other names value mentioning that might yield some UFC 191 anticipation impact, here are a few to target. Ross Pearson should be one to keep an eye on, entrance off a loss, he customarily responds in fatiguing conform and might locate Felder sleeping in one of his spinning attacks. John Lineker, who won presumably his biggest quarrel in his career opposite Ian McCall not prolonged ago, is famous for his hands of stone. Look for a intensity barn-burner between himself and Francisco Rivera. Joaquim Silva is creation his promotional entrance and is assertive as they come. Look for a new awaiting to get a discerning finish and make an sense on a UFC brass. For a destiny preview of UFC events, stay tuned into a MMA Spotlight for a entrance weekends.

Commentary By Justin Huffman

Edited By Leigh Haugh

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