UK-Malaysia civic creation plea 2017

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The aim of this foe is to account collaborative technological solutions that residence one or some-more of a hurdles listed below.

Projects and their outcomes contingency fit with a central expansion assistance (ODA) criteria. This aims to boost mercantile expansion and have a certain amicable or environmental outcome on a wider Malaysian society.

Challenge 1: civic mobility

Traffic overload in Malaysia is a problem in many of a country’s vital cities, with critical consequences for people’s health and mercantile productivity.

Consortia are speedy to move together authorised UK and Malaysian partners to put brazen solutions to civic overload by:

  • improving open ride services
  • increasing use of open transport
  • enhancing a user believe by open use integration

The solutions we are job for should fit one of a following operation areas:

  • data and systems integration
  • service delivery
  • first-mile and last-mile connectivity between ride nodes and people’s homes
  • multi-modal ride connectivity

Challenge 2: civic waste

Malaysia has gifted decades of heated expansion for densely populated areas with large-scale industrialisation. As a result, Malaysian cities need to find new solutions to revoke a volume of rubbish that goes to landfill. The stream conditions has a disastrous outcome on a civic environment, with dump-site wickedness swelling to a atmosphere and H2O streams. Solutions that revoke a volume of rubbish going into landfill and boost a series of recycled resources have an critical social, mercantile and environmental purpose to play in Malaysian civic areas.

Consortia are invited to put brazen innovations that assistance Malaysian cities yield scalable solutions to their civic rubbish supervision challenges. Proposals should fit one of a following operation areas:

  • new affordable processes to recover, apart or remove profitable components from civic domicile or blurb rubbish streams
  • development of new technologies for community-owned recycling schemes formed on a viable ‘circular economy’ model

Challenge 3: civic H2O management

Urban H2O supervision presents vital hurdles in Malaysia:

  • non-revenue H2O (water mislaid in a placement complement before reaching consumers)
  • urban flooding

Both hurdles describe to climatic extremes faced by Malaysian civic environments. These embody postulated droughts inspiring H2O pot and provision, and cloud bursts that put vigour on civic H2O supervision infrastructure. These events poise environmental and health risks to Malaysian civic citizens.

Eligible consortia are invited to rise innovative solutions that would concede Malaysian cities to minimise a impact of meridian extremes. Proposals should also urge reserve and safeguard adequate H2O sustenance for a city population.

The solutions we are job for should fit one of a operation areas below:

  • water trickle non-intrusive showing and management
  • municipal peep inundate detection
  • urban inundate response systems

Dates and deadlines

Projects that we won’t fund

The areas next are deliberate out of scope:

  • building earthy infrastructure
  • projects that have disastrous environmental and amicable effects
  • solutions that are associated to agricultural, animal and medical waste
  • smart H2O meters
  • solutions associated to policing, confidence or relying on troops investigate and intervention

Find out if we are authorised to apply

To be authorised for an endowment we must:

  • have a UK-based association act as lead applicant on a UK side of a project
  • have during slightest one UK-based association operative together with one Malaysian tiny and medium-sized craving (SME) as plan lead in Malaysia
  • show that Malaysia is a aim marketplace for a project
  • show how your plan fits within a ODA criteria

You can also entice other forms of organisations to join your project. Please see a superintendence for field for serve information.

Funding and plan details

This foe is partial of a UK–Malaysia Newton-Ungku Omar Fund.

In Malaysia, a foe is saved by PlaTCOM Ventures and is upheld by a Malaysian Innovation Agency (AIM) and SME Corp Malaysia.

In a UK, Innovate UK have allocated adult to £3 million to account creation projects in this competition. Innovate UK will account a UK plan partners and PlaTCOM Ventures will account plan partners from Malaysia.

All projects contingency engage during slightest one UK business and one Malaysian SME. The plan leads contingency be a business in a UK and an SME in Malaysia.

Project types

Projects contingency concentration on industrial research. Work packages that embody elements of initial expansion will be deliberate within projects that essentially aim industrial research. Those work packages that are essentially initial expansion will accept a suitable extend percentage.

For industrial research, we could get:

  • up to 70% of your authorised plan costs if we are a tiny business
  • up to 60% if we are a medium-sized business
  • up to 50% if we are a vast business

For initial expansion work packages, we could get:

  • up to 45% of your authorised plan costs if we are a tiny business
  • up to 35% if we are a medium-sized business
  • up to 25% if we are a vast business

Find out if your business fits a EU clarification of an SME.

We design projects to final 2 years. We design projects to operation in distance from sum plan costs of £300,000 to £500,000 on a UK side. This would meant a sum plan extend not surpassing £400,000.

Information on appropriation for plan partners from Malaysia is enclosed in a foe superintendence for field (available once a foe opens).

How to apply

To apply:

  • the lead applicant contingency register online
  • read a superintendence for field for this competition
  • watch a webinar lecture eventuality for intensity applicants
  • complete and upload your online focus on a secure server

We will not accept late submissions. Your focus is confidential.

A row of eccentric experts from a UK and Malaysia will cruise your proposal. We will name a best proposals from those that accommodate a aims of this competition. We will afterwards name a projects that we fund, to build a portfolio of projects as described in a ubiquitous superintendence for applicants.

Please review this superintendence delicately before we apply. It will assistance your chances of submitting a peculiarity application.

Background and serve information

Innovate UK helps interpret a UK’s creation imagination into business solutions in rising economies. We capacitate collaborative solutions to abroad socio-economic challenges.

We do this by ancillary British companies to settle tellurian partnerships and sell believe with organisations in some of a many energetic markets in a world. The size, farrago and intensity of Malaysia’s markets benefaction poignant opportunities for innovative UK businesses.

For this reason, Innovate UK and a PlaTCOM Ventures are jointly appropriation this competition. We are using it as partial of a UK–Malaysia Newton-Ungku Omar Fund. The Department for Business, Energy Industrial Strategy leads a Newton Fund in a UK.

About a Newton Fund

The Newton Fund was determined in 2014 and will work until 2021. The Newton Fund forms partial of a UK government’s ODA. It uses scholarship and creation partnerships to urge a mercantile expansion and amicable gratification of 16 partner countries, including Malaysia. There is a sum of £735 million appropriation accessible from a UK supervision for a generation of a fund. Partner countries minister additional matched funding.

Further assistance and information

To find suitable domestic and abroad partners, greatfully cruise a following opportunities:

  • register on a Meeting Mojo height and correlate with other organisations that have shown an seductiveness in this competition
  • pitch and speak to intensity partners during a brokering webinar (date to be announced once a foe opens)

If we wish assistance to find a plan partner, hit a Knowledge Transfer Network.


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