Ultra-slim 2 mm Thick Camera

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Nowadays smartphone cameras can’t be thinner than 5 mm, since of a lens to accommodate. But scientists during Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering, have grown a prosaic camera that’s only 2 mm thick. The camera takes a impulse from insects, and it has 135 little lenses instead of one. It’s called facetVISION, because of multi-faceted devalue eyes. Each of a lenses captures a opposite partial of a subject, and all of those tools are total like a mosaic, to form one altogether combination image.

The initial antecedent of a record transfers a images from a camera to a smartphone by Bluetooth around a delivery box. © Photo Fraunhofer IOF

At a impulse a camera has a limit fortitude of 4 megapixels, though once grown further, it could get over ten. It could be economically made in vast quantities regulating techniques identical to those currently used for producing semiconductors. Immediate uses for it could embody applications such as smartphones, automotive sensors, peculiarity control in a copy industry, and medical engineering.

Source: Fraunhofer

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